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Just Ranting x

painful sex is a curse for us ladies.

i miss the physical side of our marriage but luckily my husband has been great

Ive always longed for children but Endo saw to that for me.

in September last year i was sterilized due to severe scaring in fallopian tubes. previous to then i had 3 laporoscopys to remove the scar tissue but was always unsuccessful. under a new gynie i was told that if opt for tube removal it would be best option and would help with pain.

after agonising over the decision the choice was made.

wasn't long till the pain returned with a vengeance so now i think what was the point to all of this upset!!!

The pain never really leaves, ok have some good days but hell of a lot more bad!

Endo 1 Sara 0

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I am sorry this has been so bad for you. Is there really no more they can do for the pain??? I have issues with the pain and the only thing that releaves the pain is tramadol and i hate the side effetcs of it. Sadly the pain becomes part of life. I am trying this speciel diet at the minute and it is too early to tell if it has made a difference just yet but some people say it really works for them. It is a tough diet but if it works it may be worth a go for you.

Take care and keep your chin up!!! dont let endo win!!!!!


Hi Bex,

I would be really interested in the diet info as well f you dont mind sharing :-)

I've just been diagnosed with endo after 2 and a half years of pain and my 1st lap were they excised severe endo, 2 5cm cysts and adhesions.

They've put me on prostap and the consultant said that hes positive they got everything and hopefully the prostap will prevent it from returning (which i know is only a slight chance of)

I want to try and do everything I can to prevent the endo returning and am going to try a diet, I have been eating soups, fish and fruit for the last few days but was hoping to get a few ideas from people for what foods you can / cant eat and a few meal / recipe ideas.

Thanks :)


if you go onto amazon and type in endo diet in there is a book which is done by an emerican lady and it has loads of recipes in there. How to make your own wheat free bread etc. it is really good and details why you shouldnt eat certain things. as much fruit, veg, pulses and fish are all good. Basically no wheat, dairy, sugar and caffeine and meat is also bad as well. I feel better in my self so far for eating.

Good luck :)


Thankyou BexC

id be interested in the diet info if you dont mind sharing x


hey ladies, i have a book called something like the endometriosis diet, i will get the proper name and isbn for it when i go home tonight nd put it up for you tomorrow (im at my dads at the mo as he has been in hospital) xx

saz74, im sorry to hear of the rough time you are having :( i have had one tube removed to scarring from endo too and guess what??? the pain never left me either!!! have you seen the pain clinic at the hospital? they gave me versatis patches which i wear for 12 hours a day so that i dont have to take strong painkillers as it prevents me working. with these patches i can take ibuprofen n cocodamol instead. hope this helps.

dont let endo wear you down hun, its hard i know sara 1 - endo 0 :) x


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