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Endo and PCOS

Hi I have a few questions.... I'm 29y/o my husband is 36y/o I have both PCOS and Endometriosis with all levels (though blood tests) very low and no systoms of either maybe a few for Endo but nothing really noticable.

I have already done one treatment of traditional IVF that didnt work and no eggs were saveable and am about to start ICSI in June, I'm quite nervous because of the first treatment not working if this one doesn't work well it will be pretty gutting.

I've also done the charting, clomid (if thats how its spelt) and herbal treatments.

I was wondering if there are any other woman out there who have both and have got pregnant either naturally or through fertitity drugs??

They haven't gone back to check the endo I only found out I had it with some removed when the surgons removed a dermoid cyst (5 years ago) is there a treatment

Also I keep being told that there is nothing that can be done for the PCOS but I keep hearing stories of other people either having surgury or going on the pill to help it I'm a bit confussed why none of that has been offered to me,

At first I thought it will happen eventually but as more time goes by and so many of my friends and peole I know keep having kids and getting prefnant its starting to really bug and annoy me that its not happening to me.

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hey annabella, i have severe endo with recurrant chocolate cysts in right ovary but no diagnosis of pcos which i suspect i have. im sorry to hear your ivf cycle didnt go well :( have you tried usinf a fertility calculator? i used one on babycentre.co.uk/tools/ovu/ i got preg 1st try using this although i later miscarried :( it was devastating but as much as it hurts to lose a desperately wanted baby, it has given me hope for the future. i too am about to start fertility treatment so im terrified/excited at the prosect. also my friend has just had an op (severe pcos), not too sure what the name of the procedure is im afraid but she was told she should concieve within the next 6 months, i will try to find out the name of that for you. hope this helps xx


Hi annabella, i have endo and pcos, and i have just had my ovaires driiled which can help to release eggs,nothing has happened yet, but not giving up hope. There is much they can do with pcos, they always lossing weight can help and being on metformin. Good luck. xxx


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