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Endo and me the next round

Right so I went to see the consultant on Monday.

Further to the fact that the Zoladex has done absolutely nothing, the pain is back to the same level it always was before if not worse, the bowel issues are back, the bloating is back, and the worst part is I have been bleeding every day for the last 9 weeks despite technically being in the menopause it looks like the consultants are shocked that it is this bad only 5 months after my lap and want to get it and sort it out.

This now means that I am going under the knife again at the end of May/ early June. As well as the millions of places it already is in my body they now seem to think that it is growing inside my bowel as well as on the outside. This now means that it could be a laprascopy but most probably a laparotomy to look at my bowel and get rid of the other regrowths.

My main worry is now the fact I had to sign to consent a a laparotomy, a possibility of a colostomy bag and the possibility that my left ovary may have to be taken out.

Some days I am completely okay with this and this is just another challenge and obstacle that life throws at you. Then the other time there is the part of me that thinks why me I'm only 21. This is affecting my career prospects already, it is affecting my finances in the fact that I am trying to move out, get married and have kids as soon as possible. It's affecting my relationship with my moods and how I generally feel.

I just thought I would update the blog with how things are going with me and my story as there may be some of you interested from my last blog or there may be people out there who don't talk to anyone about their problems and so I will voice mine to say its okay to have the down days and feel like crap its a disease with no cure and for me right now acting like a cancer I can't get rid of.

But hey good days and bad :)

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Hey hun, just wanted to send you a hug. Thanks for sharing your story and I really wish you all the luck for your happy ending! xx


Thanks very much for the comment its really kind of you!! Hopefully get my surgery date soon and get moving in the right direction again!! xx



I was only diagnosed in January after emergency surgery to remove a ruptured chocolate cyst. I have found it hard to come to terms with how serve my condition is as well. I am also 21 and recently engaged i find that with my mood swings and the continual feeling of an unknown future as far as work and fertility is concerned sometimes does start to drag me down. i went back to the hospital last Thursday and they think that another laparotomy will be the best option and then to try the mireana coil. like you said there is good days and days where you just feel blinded by it all. I just wanted to say though, reading your blog made me feel like there is others out there who know who im going through and it made me feel alot more at ease and not so alone ! so sending lots of hugs and good luck !!



Hi frenchie_lou,

Im really glad that my blog helped you, thats the reason why i keep everyone up to date with what is going on with me.

I know what you mean some days its just part of you and then others its just so overwhelming when you are in pain, mood swinging at everyone, laughing one minute crying the next.

There is hope though and we have to think at least we know what we are battling and doctors know different ways of treating it.

Endo makes us a special breed of woman in many ways, so when having a down day think about the strength and determination it gives us, that's been helping me!!

p.s really jealous you are recently engaged i have been dropping hints for a while lol :P

Good luck with all of your treatment and keep me up to date :)



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