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Has anyone found having add back hrt makes prostap less effective?

I am on my 2nd month of prostap and was having really bad side effects so at the beginning of the week I asked for some hrt add back. I have only been on the tablets for 4 days and I am already feeling twinges in my ovaries. Do you think it is the hrt making the prostap less effective as last month after the initial flare up I was relatively pain free!! Any thoughts or experiences welcome thanks.

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Hi, I've just had my third injection, I stopped livial hrt after 3 weeks of my first s as I was in a lot of pain, gynae wasn't happy! I struggle with the hot sweats but worth it to not have pain. So for me it did yes x


Hi! I am on my second lot of Prostap 3 (one injection lasts 3 months!!) My doctor would not give my add back as he said it would not be best for me and would be less effective treatment. I would ay persevere. Joint aches, hot sweats & waking up in the night are better than what I had before. But now they are saying I will have to go on the pill with no break next as the endo has spread to far to do anything, after an attempted hysterectomy & removal of 12cm cyst.


The benefit of the HRT is very important as Prostap is one of the injections with the worst effect on your bones. i have been on it for almost 2 yeas and am on HRT. the HRT makes me feel worse and doesnt help with the hot flashes or mood swings. but it does protect my bones.it is also such a low dose that it shouldn't effect the injection too much i guess if you are on it long term like myself then it is very important but if you are on it for 6 months or so then its not like dire to take it. speak to your dr if it continues. hope all works well for you :) x


oh i forgot theres a great facbook group you can ask anything there is always someone on to talk to or answer your questions. they are very smart and friendly ladies in the group


There is the link just ask to join



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