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Zoladex and HRT

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Hey everyone this is my first post.

Ive just been diagnosed with stage 4 endo have two large cysts which has developed into kissing ovaries.

I've been on zoladex because the pressure of my cysts is killing my right kidney, until my surgery date.

Had my first injection this morning and been prescribed HRT Tibolone 2.5mg.

What was everyone's thoughts about taking HRT. Nobody has talked to me at all about the increase in various cancers and other things, I was hoping to discuss with my GP but getting the injections in itself was a fight even though the consultant had written to them.

Many thanks everyone, and happy Monday!

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hi hun how's u doing 😜 I've just pm you xxxx

hi hun how's u doing, yes a 6 mth course, it's a odd pain but I understand what you're saying, I got sharp stabbing sensations also, keep an eye on ur body, I finished the course but it took me 6yrs before my body was back to normal (so to speak) since I've finished it I now sweat excessively when I'm ovulating and due on 😂 oh the joys. I refuse all hormonal treatments now, I'm convinced that they cause the endometriosis to grow 😔

I've been on Zoladex for years and not touched HRT. It seems strange to me to take away the hormonal effects with the Zoladex then add them back with the HRT. Obviously that's just my personal view having severe endometriosis, I am too scared of oestrogens. xx

Yeah I thought this too! How do you find the injections?

They are a lifesaver for me as they really help with my symptoms. I have emla cream and dressings prescribed by my GP which dramatically cuts down on pain from the injection. xx

Thank you so much for replying.

The stabbing pain? I didn't sleep last night from the pain of the injection. When I bend it feels like I've being stabbed by a needle on the inside. I couldn't put my shoes on yesterday because I couldn't bend over. I wasn't prepared for pain from the injection at all.

You've definitely got to treat the area with respect for a few days. I have found a lot of variation depending how the injection goes. Also some nurses are so much better than others at doing them. I found the best one by chance and stuck with them. Just hope it helps you in the long run. I really find it helps me. xx

Thank you so much for your help.

I'm guessing that whoever did your injection wasn't that good at it! I found the best person by asking a good receptionist at my GP whether there was a particular nurse that was popular for giving this injection. She suggested someone and they are brilliant. That was following several not very good experiences. Good luck xx

Thank you that's brilliant advice. I would never have thought to do that.

Just hope you go in ok. You're very welcome. xx

I'm in a very similar situation, stage 4, awaiting hysterectomy and bowel surgery. They want me to take zoladex with hrt, but I am so nervous! And I was so shell-shocked from my appt that I didn't really ask about side effects or anything. I've tried all hormonal contraceptives and they wreck havoc on my mental health so I'm very concerned it will be the same. I'm going to get an appt with my gp to get some more info before I make my mind up.

I had planned to make an app with gp but even they are so hard to make at the moment. I read something last night on the endometriosis charity page saying that the effects of hrt probably wouldnt have any effects if you should be creating the hormones anyway. It's a confusing world out there isn't it! Hope you are ok

HiI've been having zoladex injections for the last year and a half and was also prescribed HRT to counteract the symptoms of an early menopause whilst waiting for my surgery. Having no periods, no pain, no upset stomach, no sickness has been great, I have to admit that I've been better not having periods and having the injections and HRT instead. Of course I can tell when things are wearing off as I do turn into stroppy cow with my husband 🤣 but that's just me. If you are in doubt then talk through with your Dr or your consultant, but I was advised by consultant to have both to stop the endometriosis getting worse and I'd like to think it's working. Also I have lidocaine to numb the injection area beforehand, dogmad6 is totally correct on respecting the area for a few days afterwards especially if you experience the stabbing pain from the inside, I can relate to that!

Good luck. Em x

Hi, I had 3 months of diagnostic zoladex feb, March and April. I was also prescribed hrt but didn’t take it until the menopause symptoms started, I would advise not to do that as it can take 6 weeks to kick in and the insomnia and hot sweats were absolutely awful! However I did start to get twinges in my abdomen like endo pain just no where near as severe which apparently is normal. My zoladex ran out at the end of May and I am right now already having my 2nd period and oh my god it’s hurting so much I’ve been in tears all day 😢 I’m on the waiting list for my hysterectomy and bowel surgery but also have been put to the top of the short notice list as my consultant is wonderful and knows I’m not coping with this pain anymore. I have had to stop my hrt now as you can’t take it 1 month before surgery but my god am I missing it! My advice would be do your research, speak to the professionals and find out all the side effects of everything before making any decisions x p.s if you do take the hrt take vit B12 as well as it can give you some bone and joint pain x

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Hi thanks so much for replying.

I read about the stop taking before surgery and I'm also on the cancellation list. So how does that work together. But it was my consultant who said to take the HRT and put me on the cancellation list 🙈

Im so sorry you are in so much pain, I hope you get your surgery soon and this all ends for you.

Hi hun, I would ring your consultant and double check about the hrt as mine definitely said I had to be off it for a month prior to surgery. I’ve had the worst 24 hours and had to be prescribed morphine today on top of co-codamol and tramadol. Finally I’m in less pain and have been able to have a wash and sort myself out. The doctor has sent my consultant an expedition letter saying I can’t wait much longer due to the amount of painkillers I’m having to take so fingers crossed that helps.

What is women have to deal with! Hope you too get your surgery soon and we both have a pain free future x

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Oh god bless you, sending you much love and hugs xx

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