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How did you all manage to get an mri scan on the NHS?

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Any advice would help please ladies xx

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I went to both my GP and A&E with crippling rectal/abdominal pain from March last year. GP said my symptoms made no sense and gave me naproxen. A&E did urine tests and referred me for ultrasound. Ultrasound was clear. However the pain kept returning so I wrote an emotional email at like 5am to my gp surgery to get another opinion as I was literally at the end of my tether. Thank god the next gp i saw was more receptive (though the practice manager suggested it was probably piles!!). I was referred to gynae and gastro departments, who booked me in for a further ultrasound and an MRI. This was all very slow progress. I had my MRI at the end of January but thankfully it picked up on the endo. It’s crazy how diagnosis completely hangs on the gp you see initially. So my advice is to hassle them if needs be and remember you are entitled to a second opinion. You know your body

Thankyou darling ive been through alot with my symptoms and my surgeon/gynaecologist has completely given up on me xx

Sorry to hop on to your post, but with the piles thing. Did you have any piles? That sounds weird lol sorry. But, since having my youngest son I started getting what I think are piles, but it didn't respond to any pile treatment at all. It seems to flare around my cycle, I have pain when I poo, bloating and cramping too. Nausea. All the GI symptoms. Just wondering if piles is one too?

Hi, no I didn’t- but that’s interesting. The rectal pain I get almost feels like I have an infection, like it’s a really sharp kind of pain and I get the urge to have a bowel movement, even though I don’t need to. So maybe it can feel similar or maybe all the straining could cause it? I am completely guessing though

That sounds like me, like a sharp stabbing pain right up my passage. I get period blood in my poop when I'm on too, is that something you get? It's such an embarrassing subject isn't it haha. I've never spoken to the GP about the piles, bloody PTSD goes nuts just thinking about it 😂 xx

I don’t get that no but they should definitely be looking into that! Hope you get some answers soon!

I'm seeing a private endo specialist in June so holding off until I speak to him :) the gyne wasn't interested sadly xx

Depending on where you live in the UK, the GP can send you for it, in my case it was my Gynaecologist and Gastroenterologist who referred me for an mri gynae pelvic scan recently. Keep pushing, don't give up xx

My GP said they couldn't send me for one (? no idea if that is true but they refused so what could do really) So I got a referral from gynaecologist

Thankyou hun my gynaecologist has given up on me and my gp surgery is shocking but ill try again on Monday darling thankyou xx

Sorry to hear this! Keep trying different specialists if the one you had before isn't helping. You deserve to be treated with respect and to know what is happening to you!

Good luck!

My gynecologist refused, my GP said they can't. So I've decided to pay £170 for an initial consultation with an endometriosis specialist who is BSGE registered, will get him to order an MRI privately so ill have to pay but it will be worth it to get some answers. Might be worth looking into love x

Hi I got referred through the gastroenterologist who was looking at my bowel problems at the time. He thought there may be more going on which related to gynaecology, he was right. Push for an MRI if you feel you need one, good luck x

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