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14 year old daughter offered a lap


Hi everyone I said I would write to let u know how our video chat went with the gynae on Monday. U had everything ready all notes/diaries etc as I was very worried that my daughter wouldn’t get taken seriously but it went really well. We went through all her symptoms and about how much she’s suffering and she said she would get her booked in for an mri scan and a laparascophy I thought I might have had to fight for it. So I feel a bit hopeful but now dreading her having to go thru the actual procedure I know she will be asleep for it and it’s the last resort to see what’s going on inside her 😬

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Honestly 14 is very young I would try diffrent options hun but If 100% you think it’s the best option for her go ahead with it but she’s so young and I no it’s hard but I think waiting it out in this case might be a good option xxxx

Angelunicorn in reply to abicat1

She has been suffering for over a year now poor thing 2 weeks out of 4 she has a normal teenage life the rest is bent over in agony periods lasting 9 days very heavy with clots changing every hour she’s been on the pill too for 63 days and that didn’t do a thing. To be honest I’m relieved that they taking her seriously and not waiting years to be diagnosed like some poor ladies on here as a mum it’s horrendous to see her suffering we will see what it shows when she finally gets an appointment .

abicat1 in reply to Angelunicorn

Oh god yeah glad she’s getting the help xxxxxxx

I think that’s great that they’ve offered her it!!! A lap is the only way to get rid of it properly, so if she has the lap and has relevant hormonal treatment after she could be pain free for years!!! X

Angelunicorn in reply to Sxh22

Yes this is what I’m hoping too x

I had my first lap at 17 & so wished I'd had it earlier but my gp wouldn't believe me or refer me. Your daughter will be fine I'm sure, my mum was exactly the same 😊

Angelunicorn in reply to Curly22

Thank u so much, how are you now?

I had my first lap at 30 that's after me learning about Endo and telling them i believe I've got it, wish they'd have offered me one at 14 instead of being fobbed off with constipation every time i went into hospital, i think its brilliant your daughter has been taken seriously. I wish her all the luck in the world that she gets sorted and with a lovely supportive Mum like you she'll go far. 💗Keep us updated on how she gets on 😘💗

Curly22 in reply to Angelunicorn

First lap was years ago, but it's the only thing, other than the mirena coil that has ever worked for me. Honestly, I have never been so well, on my second coil now so keeping fingers crossed xx all the very best for you both xx

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