My 17 year old daughter has been diagnosed with endometriosis

My daughter has been in agony since Saturday went yo docs on Tuesday she gave her buscupan n codydramol..codydramol made her head feel like it was going to explode so gave her 30mg cocodamol wich make her feel sick n strange..she said nothing takes the pain away I just don't know what to do..tramadol makes her sick but that's not a long term fix...she struggling at work as well...any ideas help please 😕

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  • It's different for everyone. For me I can't find anything that helps the pain. Even raised my feet and had hot water bottles, I got properly diagnosed with it in December when I had surgery but 2 years ago they said i had it and didn't do anything! Push at the doctors to do surgery they can laser it off but it won't help forever! I'm fighting with them again because I'm in constant pain with it just after 6 months it came back and I've been in pain for 4 weeks now! I hope your daughter feels better soon! if no one at her work has this then they will not understand the pain she is in. Mine never and my boss was horrible to me about it. Tell her to stay strong and don't let them say it is in her head x

  • thank you

  • Hi hayley :) it really is trial and error with your daughter I'm afraid! I found excercise kept me in higher spirits and I got a pocket sized tens machine which I could put on whilst at work and nobod6 even knew. I also bought some of them stick on heat pads like for muscle injuries and used them during the day when it wasn't practical to have a heat bag on. My tummy reacts really badly to painkillers so I just had to get myself to a manageable level of pain without xxxx

  • ah im sorry to hear that thanks for help will try heat pads

  • Poor lass. Been there. Regular anti- inflammatory helps longer term... I used naproxen. Also dietry changes can help alot. I'm not on any pain meds now and pain is alot less. I follow I pretty strict diet though. Worth researching/ getting some nutrition advice. Good luck xx

  • I will look in to that thank you

  • It really is trial and error, the thing that worked for me was a 6 month menopause , then a break and then repeat (they can't laser my endo due to location and would need a multi team to cut)

    I would agree with pushing for a lap as it may be an option for your daughter.

    I read a great book called living well with endometriosis which I found covered all the various treatments really well. I also found that diet helped a little

    I hope she finds what helps her with the pain x

  • thank you

  • Easiest option is hot water bottle. It may settle the pain slightly if she is able to lie down for a while with one. Sorry she's suffering - wishing her well

  • thank you

  • I'm 19 and was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage 4 endo so I know exactly what it's like struggling In pain whilst trying to sort your life out and get it together. I've had 2 ops so far, the second one was more successful than the first, it has taken away some pain but not all. This is probably going to sound horrible, but I've learned to deal with the everyday pain. When it does kick off I tend to use ibuprofen and cocodamal. Sometimes raising your hips help, drinking lots of water so you haven't got anything in the bowel and bladder system clogging up. Some people suggest the endo diet. I've tried the GI diet, it helped with the everyday pain but not the flare ups. The pill works for some but not for others, it's best to try as many ways as you're prepared to try. Something random might help. My doctor kept saying try black coffee and boiled eggs... don't know why, but apparently it works. I haven't tried it but it might help your situation.

    Wish you all the best!

    Timothy x

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