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Endo on the bowel

Hi everyone. Recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after 13 painful years.

My question is for ladies who have it on their bowels what does it feel like for you? I believe I also have it on them.

I have horrendous pain which nearly makes me sick before I need to go for a number 2, and the pain continues down into my rectum. It completely stops me in my tracks I can't move until the pain has passed. It doesn't last very long though.

I always seem to have either constipation or diareah, very rare it's normal. But I have read this can just be an endo symptom.

Also I practically have to starve myself before my period as if I eat the pain is a lot worse than usual.

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My laparoscopy did find endo on my bowel and I get the same symptoms as you describe. I also have had bleeding, both fresh and menstrual blood from rectum. Not very pleasant. Currently I have lost a lot of bowel control which is making it very difficult to leave the house. I have been referred to a BSGE centre as its on bowel,


Hi Zara, I really feel for you as I am in the same condition as you. Had endo and adenomyiosis diagnosed 7 years ago but have been in agony for 20 years.

After done 4 mixed op (2 laparoscopies, laser surgery and myomectomy) I finally found out that my endo is also in my rectum 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. God, now I understand why I always have constipation, pains down my legs, shooting pains in my bum 😫, and sometimes diarrhoea. It feels awful..I'm so fed up with it.

My gynae put the mirena coil at the same time when I had laparoscopy 2 weeks ago. So, I'm hoping this will work but if not I guess I have to have another op with the specialist bowel surgeon. A BSGE accredited gynae.

I hope you'll find something that will sort your problems. I'm glad I'm on this site knowing someone put there has the same understanding about the disease.

All the best for you x


I have been diagnosed with rectovaginal endometriosis, three years ago I was having exactly the same symptoms as you are. I could not leave the house as I was more than likely to have loss of bowel control. If I did go out I was more than likely to have an accident, It was awful, since then I have had a bowel resection as the symptoms weren't getting any better. That help me for a year. Not had those problems since but other endo pains.


I had a large rectovaginal nodule plus additional bowel endo elsewhere.

Symptoms were:

Random but frequent bouts of diarrhoea in my 20's which were not linked to my periods.

Diarrhoea during periods as well

When things got worse in my 30s (leading up to my diagnosis) I became chronically constipated despite eating a healthy diet. Nothing I tried made any difference, and I tried everything - flaxseed, prune juice, allbran, yogurt. In the end I had to take 45ml of lactulose every day and even then it was hit and miss and I would sometimes have to take senna as well. The consultant said later that the rectovaginal nodule was pressing into the bowel and that was causing the problems, although I've had that excised now and my bowel is still slow. I also passed lots of mucus and occasionally blood.

During my periods I would get bowel pain that would last for at least a week. It would feel like it does after you've had a stomach bug and everything is sore. I'd get random shooting pains up my bum, like someone had shoved a breadknife up there. Pain down my legs, and pain in my right hip all the time.

Deep pain during sex. It honestly felt like he had a knife sticking out of the end of his penis and it was stabbing me in the guts.


Hi all,

I had endo removed from both sides of my bowel (will not know specifics until after my follow up appointment) 2 days ago. I had terrible IBS daily for about 2 years. Before that it was only during my period that I would have the urge to go on day 1 of it for a few hours.

I can't tell if it was what was causing it as have a lot of trapped co2 gas after lap still.

Had any of you who have had it removed from your bowel had uncontrollable gas after or while eating or mucousy flatulence? I have felt sick almost everyday.


Hi, I was in a similar situation to you. I suffered for years with the urgency to open my bowels, lots of pain which would often leave me buckled over in pain. I would mostly pass very loose stools and would occasionally get caught short. Sorry about the over share but I promise it's relevant. I had my lap about 18 months ago which showed endo on ovaries and bowel. Gynae wouldn't remove the endo on bowel due to possible complications. I did some research and discovered that people with endo tend to have food intolerances, mainly dairy and wheat. I cut out different foods for a while and found that wheat was a trigger for me. I now eat a near wheat free diet and have found my bowel movements to be much more improved. I now only go once a day instead of 5 or 6 and pass a solid stool. I don't get pains anything like I used to and don't have the urgency to go like it used to be. My change of diet has drastically changed my life. Might be worth eliminating something to see if it helps you too. Please let me know how you get on. xx


I have endo on the bowel and rectum but fortunately for me, going to the toilet was only painful when I had my period. I have always suffered with 'dodgy' bowels, ever since I was a teenager and I was told I had IBS, which apparently is a common misdiagnosis. Now it all makes sense! I've had two laparoscopies, one to diagnose and the other to try and sort it all out in there! To deal with the endo on the bowel, I'd have to have a third lap involving a colo-rectal surgeon, which I wasn't too keen on. As an alternative, I'm taking the mini-pill and I had the Mirena coil fitted and on the whole, it seems to be dealing with things at the moment (albeit a few niggly things that seem to be lingering). I still have 'dodgy' bowels but it's not something that's radically affecting my life. So for me, a positive outcome I guess. Hope you get yourself sorted soon x


I have endo behind my uterus and have similar symptoms. Try a probiotic it might give you some relief 😊


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