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Private consultation


Hi, I’ve booked an appointment with a private consultant who specialises in endo .

I’m hoping to explore treatment options . I’ve never had a laparoscopy, I was diagnosed through an mri which was to assess an ovarian cyst . I’ve only ever been offered the coil and pain killers. I’m keen to get the most of the appointment . Any advice on what to ask and what information to prepare who be greatly appreciated . I’m probably a bit apprehensive due to a bad experience with a gynaecologist in the past, I was struggling to conceive and asked about potential endo and was dismissed . It’s been a long road to diagnosis so I’m trying to get thing moving with treatment .


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A short list of questions

What is your experience?

How many ladies do you treat each week?

Can you tell me a bit more about your treatment approach?

Get a contact number or email address. Make notes.

Ask for a laparoscopy. Good luck!

Redhen17 in reply to thara9643

Thanks for this .

Endo UK site has some great info about consultations and a symptom diary.

I took in a list of notes, symptoms, history type things.

Good luck, I’m sure it’ll be ok. Let us know how you get on 🙂

Hi I hope the appointment goes well when I booked in for my first private appointment we discussed all my symptoms etc had mri and booked me in for a lap to see what was going on, I also I had a bad experience on the nhs with gyne and he was so understanding.

I’m sure if you just explain everything and also they will know what questions to ask.

Took me over 10 years to get a diagnosis with the right gynaecologist who specialises in endo and now I would only trust him to do any further surgery etc x

I met with a private endo specialist and it was so worth it!

You could ask what they think is happening inside your body based on your symptoms? What else you can do to manage / decrease pain? What their preferred treatment options are and do they practice excision surgery?

I would also ask if and how you can get a referral on the NHS? Vs what it would cost to have private treatment?

Hope it goes well xx

Thanks u all so much for the helpful replies.

I would have a really good read of the NICE guidelines so you are well informed as to how you should be treated. You will then be going in informed.

This is a really good point thanks . Feeling a bit more confident about it now

Hi there, I am also having bad experience with the NHS and thinking about going private but no idea where to start. How did you find someone?

Hi I went on this website for the list of specialist endo centres .

I then looked up the ones close to where I live and took the names of the consultants and googled their names to see if they also did private work .

Good luck with it

Hi. I am also considering a private consultation due to poor experience of NHS in getting diagnosis. Would you mind me asking how much yours is costing so I know roughly what to expect?

Sure no worries , £250 . Pricey , fingers crossed it’s worth it .

Smokey2020 in reply to Redhen17

Thank you! Hope it goes well

Had my private consultation and I can honestly say it was great . First time I’ve felt listened to and all my symptoms were explained . Feel like I’ve got a concrete plan for managing endo, adenmyosis and pcos . He also explained how the symptoms are related and aggravate each other and have a clear rationale for the recommended medications .

If anyone is unsure I’d highly recommend going private . Wish I’d done it years ago .

I know also all the missed opportunities with getting me the right treatment over the years . I was actually treated like a person and everything explained to me .

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