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Endo and height



This might be a bit odd but anyway i saw an article today that said it’s more common in tall girls so I was wondering if it’s true.

Im 6ft how tall is everyone else? Xx

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I saw that too. I'm 5ft 11.

I'm 5ft 5. I don't think I'd be classed as tall. I know someone else with endo who is tiny- must only be about 5ft!

I’m 5ft 6” x

5 foot 4 so not tall 😊😂x

I'm 5ft8" x

I'm 5"6 so not particularly tall. The only two people I know with endo are shorter than me one is around 5"3 and the other Tiny around 4 foot something I tower over her lol.

I’m 5ft 10 x

Hey. I’m 5’1 and my sister has Endo, she’s 5’2!

I'm 5ft 3 x

5ft 5 - I’m going to google this article

I’m 5ft 6 x


I'm only 5'3 so I'm tiny and I have it maybe that's just a myth xxx

5'6 and my sister is 5'3. We both have Stage 4 endometriosis.

I’m 5ft1 and my sister has it too and she’s 5ft 2 x

I'm 5'1, stage 3. The women in my family are usually around 5'1 (even if the father or partner is 6'1 or taller). Endo seems to be passed on between generations too.

I am 4.5 and i still have it so i thing is depends on the women's body and what she eats and about the history

I’m 5’5” and my sister is 5’3” and we both have stage 4 Endo. My other sister suspects that she has got it too and she’s only just 5’


Article link from the daily mail xx

5"4 - certainly not tall!

5ft & a crumb. Still got stage 4 endo....

I’m 6ft too!

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Just read the study and it says it’s related to a low BMI when younger so the risk factor isn’t just confined to being tall

I am 5ft 6in, so not that tall. It could be a biased view.

I am just 5’2 but was quite underweight as a child, they did mention that could be a factor too. x

I’m on 5ft 3 . Definitely not tall! 😂

I'm 5'2 had stage 4 endo recently treated.

I'm 5ft1 and have severe stage 4 endo!

4ft 11 and 3 quarters 🤣 i have endo stage 4 so i dont think height makes a difference 👍

Yes I saw this! I think it’s absolute rubbish as I’m 5’2 with stage IV Endo and have always been below average height for my age!

I’m only 5ft 1 xx

I'm 5ft 2 😊

Hi I’m 5ft on the dot.. so definitely not tall 🙈

I'm 5ft and have both endo and adeno so can't be right it can affect any woman tall and short x

5 fit I have endometriosis

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