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Lap results!


Had my laparoscopy today, outcome was fortunately not endometriosis! But Infact scar tissue from previous op on my ovary lifting my ovary up and fusing it to my abdominal wall! If I hadn’t pestered for a laparoscopy I dread to think what would of eventually happened! So scar tissue removed and after a couple of weeks of healing I should be pain free! Currently in more pain than I was to start with at the moment tho!

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That's brilliant that it's not endometriosis, fantastic news.

I hope the pain isn't too bad and you recover quickly xx

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Thank you!! I been having contraction like pains since being home but i’m Hoping they’ll calm down soon! So glad it’s not endo, I knew there was Defo something really wrong but they were adamant I had to “wait and see if it improves” because of the way it was fused they couldn’t see it on ultrasound scans, I was in the emergency gynae unit last year for two days from the pain, if they’d found it then I could of been saved the last 18months of pain! Oh well, sorted now hopefully! Xx

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