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Endometriosis UK response to the recent news about a blood test for endometriosis

In response to new research announced today on the diagnosis of endometriosis via blood tests, Emma Cox, CEO of Endometriosis UK commented:

“Endometriosis UK welcomes new research into endometriosis which is a much under researched area. Diagnosis time averages an alarming 7.5 years and can have a hugely detrimental impact on women’s health and wellbeing; new research is critical to driving diagnosis time down.

Whilst the research released today is an interesting study, it is a trial with a small sample size, and a much bigger study covering a diverse range of demographics would be needed to validate the findings.

Although a non-surgical test for endometriosis is urgently needed, we should not offer false hopes to women who may have already suffered for many years.

Women deserve an accurate and readily available test free via the NHS, when a test is developed. Women with the disease already face a financial burden due to loss of earnings and it's not fair to add to this by only offering pioneering treatment and diagnosis options to those who can afford to pay for it”.

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this would be great if there was a blood test. my doc said it takes 8 years to diagnosis, and basically said i have endo, but it will take about 3 years until will be found. soooo stupid.


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