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Oophorectomy and what to expect


I was wondering if anyone would share their experience of oophorectomy and what to expect after? Did it impact your sex drive?

My consultant would like to remove both ovaries and I would like to hear peoples experiences while I weigh up my options. Thank you x

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My sex life did deminish a bit, now on Testrol gel to improve libido. However, the sex itself has probably been better with less uncomfortableness and pain. My op was a year ago next week and I don't regret having it done,

Hi, I am awaiting a date for having the ovaries out, previously had hyst but they left them in as apparently was too young at 41 to have menopause. Now 2 years on... am worried about it all as surgical menopause is meant to be worse than natural. Spose anything is better than this ongoing depressing pain but also worried when read about dementia links with early menopause. My father died of dementia. Stressed out with it all.

Hi there,

I am having this done in a few weeks! Can I ask how you are doing now? Also how old are you if you don’t mind me asking, I’m fairly young for this procedure but really wanted to find out how people are doing post op :). Where you on zoladex before your op?

Sorry for all the questions!

Hiya, I haven't had it done yet. I turned 30 in August and it felt too early still. I couldn't get enough info on what it's like after so I postponed. I may regret it one day but hopefully not.

Thanks for getting back to me! Glad you made the decision right for you :)

If you don't mind, can you let me know how you get on. It's definitely in my very near future.

Best of luck, I hope you are happy with getting it done xx

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Hi, I’m 3 weeks post op had my ovaries removed also had hysterectomy in 2016. Although my op pain is settling still a bit sore, biggest problem for me seems to be my mood I just want to stay in bed and be by myself. Getting irritated easily and just don’t seem to have any energy🙈 I’m hoping things will improve and soon.

Been on oestrogen only HRT for 2 weeks now.

Keen to hear from others on their experiences.

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Thanks for replying!

Glad that your op pain is settling, we’re you on zoladex before your op?

I find that when I’m due my next zoladex injection my mood is awful, some I feel I might be similar 🙈.

Please keep me updated on your journey it’s nice to hear from someone who is ahead.

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Hi, no I wasn’t on zolodex, tho I have been on it back in 2016. My mood was a bit low pre op due to being in pain most days.. then had op to remove ovaries (they were fused to bowel and in a mess with endometriosis then the whole lot was fused to pelvic wall) and my mood seems to have plummeted drastically 🙈 been on hrt for 2 weeks now so I’m waiting to see if they help any.

I’ll keep you posted x

Hi lozwozere91, I just had both ovaries removed on Friday. I was on decapeptyl injection beforehand which I’m sure gives the same results as zoladex. I felt the injections completely changed my life for the better, I did have to be on Tibolone (livial) to help with my moods etc but all in all my quality of life increased tenfold. I was on the injections for too long so the next step was to remove my ovaries and tubes, I was originally having a full hysterectomy but changed my mind at the very last minute. Im feeling pretty good right now, the pain isn’t as bad as I was expecting, the biggest challenge is when I stand up or sit down. I’m staying on the Tibolone rather than change to a more full on HRT. I’m 38. If you want to add me you can and I’ll keep you updated over the coming weeks leading to your op so you know what to expect. I know everyone is different and everyone’s recovery is different but at least you’ll have some idea! Good luck!! xXx

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for replying! This is exactly like me, I would really appreciate hearing from you to hear how it’s going.

I think I may stick with tibilone as well. I hope you are on the mend!

I’ve got my pre-op Tuesday so hoping to learn a bit more then too.

Lauren xxx

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