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Frightened and wanting advice

I developed a lump a few years after my children were born on my episiotomy scar which grew bigger when I was on my period. I had never heard of endometriosis so wasn't sure what it was and after backwards and forwards to drs I had the lump removed and was told it was endometriosis. I googled but can find no information on anybody having this problem. I have taken depo ever since but the endo has been steadily getting worse and now I'm worried my only option is surgery. I'm so frightened of surgery and full of anxiety plus the location of endo makes me think to remove it will be a major op. I have looked at lap stories on here and they terrify me more. Do I have any hope not having surgery?

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Yeah sure they might give you zoladex to try and shrink the endometriosis!

Any treatment you have is going to be tough because it has to mess about with your hormones. If they offer you a lap go for it....I've had three and been back at work in days. Best of luck with it all 😊


Thank you for replying, I am terrified of surgery and seen loads of stories on endo ladies who have had bad recovery so I am glad to hear you was back at work. I didn't realise how lonely endo makes me feel. I don't really fancy an implant but if it looks like I don't have a choice if I don't want surgery :( x


Please don't be terrified of the operation people generally only share bad experiences as they need support as endo is incredibly tough.

I can vouch that the hormone treatment has been tougher than being opened up in a full operation. So just heed the advice of the specialists. Good luck xx


Thank you for your positive message I really needed it today I've been to see the Dr today to get the ball rolling to be referred back to the gyno, thank you xx

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