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Laparoscopy scar endo


Hi all,

I’m only 24 and was diagnosed last year with stage 4 endo, with lesions entangled most of my left side and mostly my bladder. I had a 4 and a half hour laparoscopic removal of most of the lesions and endometrial tissue which the surgeon was extremely happy with having got all of it out except some right behind my bladder that was to dangerous to reach.

I have since started getting swelling about that size of a small apple next to my umbilical scar which flares up when I am due to have a period (I am currently on the Depo injection to keep it from growing back so quickly). I had an appointment with a fertility expert as my surgeon wasn’t free and they advised it sounds like endometriosis in the scarring. I am awaiting an MRI for more insight but I was wondering if anybody has experienced this before? Following a laparoscopy.

I am wanting to start trying for a family next year so am considering come off the depo to allow it out of my system for fertility reasons but I am sooo scared it’s already started to grow back!

Thank you

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