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Trying to find a balance - An impossible task!

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Really finding myself struggling at the moment. Trying to find a balance.

They messed my appointments up for my zoladex injections which meant I was supposed to go for it 4 weeks after I was due. Unbearable, luckily my gynae was a legend and managed to slot me in last minute to give it me today because I couldn’t cope any longer, 1 week after being due.

My work/life/health balance isn’t really a balance. I find myself more and more having to put endo first, which I’m totally against but I’m really starting to struggle with this horrendous illness.

I thought I put it right in my head a long time ago that this is what happens and accepted it. Now I just feel like I’m back to square one with my mentality.

Hopefully just the withdrawal symptoms and the 3 months of hormones I’ve had injected into me making me feel emotional and not a longer term thing.

Wishing all endo warriors a healthy new year!

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