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Gp request

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Hello, I was referred to see a gynaecologist as my Gp is certain I have endo. The gynaecologist also thinks the same but prescribed me Provera for three months to see if any change if not I’ll have a lap, he also took some swabs etc. He gave me a prescription request form that I just hand into my gp reception and pick up the prescription in a few days, so I did all fine was told to pick up on a certain day then a few days before picking it up I got a phone call from the gp surgery saying my Gp requests to see me following a letter from the gynaecologist, I asked can I still pick up my prescription she said there was nothing on the system what it was about or about my prescription so maybe that’s why the doctor wants to see me. Has anyone had this before, could it be because of the Provera? The next available appointment wasnt until two weeks away so I’m anxiously waiting afraid the gynaecologist has found something 🙁

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Hmm not sure.

Perhaps your GP wants to have a chat with you about the letter from your gynae to make sure you're okay with things before going down that course of treatment.

Or possibly the gynae requested in the letter that they want to have you back in to discuss things further and for your GP to explain this.

No point worrying, just wait and see what your GP says. Easier said than done I know!

Keep us updated xx

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