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Private GP to get NHS referral

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Hi Ladies I hope you are doing as well as it can be

A quick question and a few background notes.

Suffering from pain for 10 years. The pain got stronger over time and now lasts longer. Last couple of years in particular were the worst. So far I couldn’t get even the right painkillers from my gp but got the pills from my mum from overseas (she was diagnosed with endo a few years ago)

My GP is useless. They arranged the wrong ultrasound, I’m waiting for a first gynae appointment for over 6 months now and still can’t get one due to missing ultrasounds etc.

In the meantime I had a private appointment with the gynae who suspects either endo or adenomyosis or both. He wants to arrange MRI and happy to see me again via NHS (South Manchester)

My GP refused to send a referral to him.

Any recommendations on a private GP? Please send me a private message with recommendations if you have any.

Thank you 🙏

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I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been told that they won’t refer you - that’s awful! Especially given you’ve had a private appointment which has said what they think it is. I’ve no idea how can your GP refuse it 😳 Have you gone back to see different GP’s at your doctors? Might be worth it, if you haven’t already tried.

I hope someone else can help with regards to a private GP referral.

Laura x

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Thank you 🙏 Yes I’m trying to reach out another GP from same practice, hopefully there will be more understanding.

The last time I spoke i was told :

- there is already a referral in progress

- they can’t send a referral to a specific doctor / hospital as it’s being allocated by the system 🤷‍♀️

- they need a letter from the gynae confirming I’ve been seen by him and that he wants to see me 🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I’m really lost as these 3 statements just make no sense to me

That is awful! Why on earth would a GP not make a referral for treatment which it has been confirmed is needed! I would make a complaint to PALS x

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I am seriously at the state when I no longer wish to fight for what’s right. I just want to have the things done.

I hope it is just miscommunication as there is already a referral in progress (have been waiting for 7 months) so I will try to push back on getting this new referral. I was told

- they can’t send a referral to a specific doctor / hospital as it’s being allocated by the system 🤷‍♀️

- they need a letter from the gynae confirming I’ve been seen by him and that he wants to see me 🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

So I will try to contact the docs assistant maybe she can arrange it to, but if not just go to a private gp

Can't help with the referal i'm afraid, but on a compeltely seperate yet slightly medical vein I recently had to have dental work done and I asked for recommendations on my local Facebook group and they were actually pretty worthwhile!

Also, i'm so sorry to hear your GP is being this rubbish, have you called the practice manager to explain your situation/make a complaint?

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I’m trying another GP from same practice. Fingers crossed

Thank you 🙏

Referrals are easy for any gp to make - even over the phone - I would suggest that you call and make an appointment asking for another doctor and make it face to face so u can discuss your symptoms and explain your situation . This happened once before when my daughter got mistakenly discharged from hospital after a cancelled appointment and the doctor at the hospital I spoke with said that any gp in the practice can make a referral. I hope you can speak to a doc that is understanding and compassionate and will be happy to do it - it’s important that you speak face to face with them so you can go through your history . Getting a gp on side is the first most important thing in the process to getting to the bottom of what’s happening to you. Good luck xx

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Thanks a lot! Just booked again and hopefully it will have a better outcome this time

Last time (when I said I had to exceed a prescribed painkiller dose by 1 pill as I was in agony but had called nhs to check if that’s fine as the pharmacy was closed on a public holiday) I was told by my GP I should never exceed a prescribed dose and should have taken a paracetamol


Can you change GP’s ? Sounds as if even if you are diagnosed you may not receive good continuing care from this one ?

Thinking about it!

Btw you might don’t remember but you sent me some gynae contacts. thank you kindly for this recommendation - I found a fantastic specialist! So hopefully after this GP issues I will be able to see him via NHS

Brilliant 🤩

That is shocking. Your GP has no right to refuse you a referrel. You can try another GP at the same practice or look for a private GP online. I don't know where you are based but I think there are private GPs all over the country Nuffield hospitals have them. If you don't get anywhere with your GP practice google priavte GPs in you area ring up and make an appointment they usually will come out to your home but I guess you could jut explain the situation over the phne and they will refer you . I can't imagine why your GP is doing this, I would say you don't have to get the GP on your side maybe change the GP or even your practice there might be a much nicer GP at the same practice. I would also write directly to the GMC about this. The GP should have referred you wihout any issues.

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Thisisme- in reply to Avourneen

Thank you! Would you recommend the private GP closest to my address or close to the hospital ? Or it makes no difference?

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Avourneen in reply to Thisisme-

I would guess closest to where you live would make sense they can refer you to nay hospital. Hope you can get it sorted out.

A private GP can't actually give you a referral to the NHS. It has to be from the GP you are registered with because the hospitals actually bill the GPs for treating their patients, therefore any hospital referral would have to be from your GP that you are registered with.

I had exact same experience. I was in London and saw a private gynae in South Manchester whom seemed like the only person who had a clue what I was dealing with and was happy for me to be referred on the NHS to him to save me money as I required surgery. So I made sure it was one of the partners at my GP that I saw. He asked for a confirmation letter from the gynae which I gave him and straight away, he referred me directly to the gynae in Manchester. Who knows, we might be talking about the same gynae 🧛

Oh my! My GP is in London (completely useless) and I found a gynae in South Manchester and he is fantastic!

I could tell he is knowledgeable simply by the questions he was asking (some of the symptoms I’d forgotten to mention and he asked if I have experienced them etc)

So there was no issue for you to get the referral from London GP to Manchester based gynae ?

No like I explained, I had no issue being referred. The only thing my GP was worried about was how I was going to travel back to London after surgery in Manchester and I said I had friends and I would stay in Manchester for as long as it would take for me to be fit to travel.

I just had a call with my GP. They said they can’t refer to another town 😭I have no idea what to do know.

Oh dear I'm so sorry to hear this. I must say it depends on the person you saw in your GP. Read Shelly085's message below. When I read it I had to stop to check that I didn't write it because that was exactly my own story word for word 😊


I wanted to go to St Mary’s to see Dr Osagie but my GP refused as I’m from Liverpool so apparently coz it’s out the area he refused, So I then paid to see Dr Osagie privately an I asked him would he write to my GP which he was happy to do an luckily for me a different GP from the surgery picked the letter up and referred me straight away, they was putting me on to a different dr at first but I told them I wanted to see dr Osagie so my GP did the referral again asking for him an I got to see him. So just make sure your GP puts the drs name you wanna see in the letter. Hope all goes well for you xx

Shelly085 did I write this or did u write it🤔 That was exactly my own story word for word 😃

I wote it

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