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How do you deal with your pain? Working? Help me.

I'm a 24yr with Endo, was stage 4 when I went for my surgery, now have Mirena IUD in. I also take A long lasting pain killer (doesn't do much honestly) and when things get really bad I have to take codeine (knocks me out silly). I have the problem that I'm allergic go paracetamol, which makes my options limited. I wondered what options people use for pain or how to cope with it? Or continue working? I'm Struggling with keeping my job with this pain!

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Are you being treated at a specialist endo centre and was the endo fully excised with a team of surgeons involved?


I was treated on the NHS in the UK by a Endo specialist, I see her every 6 or so months.

And they got as much of the Endo out as possible to me knowledge.


Stage 4 must only be treated in a specialist endo centre. Are you in England or one of the devolved boards?


Wales, I wasn't aware there were specialised Endo clinics to be honest!


See the NICE guideline (1.1.4 and 1.4.2). This applies to Wales as well as England. You have a centre at Cardiff but women can also get across the border depending where you are.


See also section 3 of the RCOG Standards - women everywhere in the UK must have equal access to centres.


and list of centres



Hello, did you have your op in the Heath in Cardiff? There are 3 endo specialists there and they're the only accredited specialists in Wales. Hope you got to see one of them!


I always find taking my wheat bag or Tens machine to work helps. Keep on top of pain killers throughout. I have a very supportive and understanding employer where I currently work reduced hours due to my pain. I work in a call centre as a supervisor so have to take frequent breaks and walk around.

Have you spoken to your employer?



Yes I've spoke to my employer and they are really supportive but only so much then can do.


I use a hot water bottle and peppermint tea for pain management/bloating (one and the same for me)! I also used to take a walk when the pain got bad. I was very lucky that I had a supportive employer (I'm using the past tense because I left my job in June 2018 unrelated to endo to go back to university), who let me go home when I needed and change my hours - so I still got the work done, but if I was having a flare up I could go home, calm it down and then finish later from home. I understand how hard it can be though - after I left my job, I did an internship in the city and I kept my endo hidden with peppermint tea, painkillers and stick on heat patches, which kept it at bay. Not sure it was a long term solution though! xx


Thank you for the reply! I'm defiantly going to look into peppermint tea!

Even just to help the flare ups!


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