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Vaginal bleeding after bowel movement

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Apologies in advance for the TMI post.....with my last three bowel movements I’ve had some vaginal bleeding (small amount of pink). I’m certain it’s vaginal and not rectal.

I’ve just finished my first period since unsuccessful infertility treatment, and had several transvaginal ultrasounds as part of the treatment. Surely anything abnormal would have been picked up on during those?! Has anyone experienced this as an endo symptom? I’ve an appointment with my GP coming up in January so will mention it to her then as well.

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Hi I get bleeding too when I have been to the toilet even though I am not on a period.

I have Adenomyosis and waiting for a lap for Endometriosis which I have been told I it’s more than likely I do have so for me it’s definitely a symptom x

Thanks for the response Glitters. Is your bleeding definitely vaginal? I’ve heard that rectal bleeding can be associated with endo affecting the bowel, but this definitely isn’t rectal!

Good luck with your lap x

Hi it’s definitely vaginal as I wipe there after and see it, sorry tmi. Hope you get some answers from your doctor when you visit in January x

Thank you!

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