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Endo ruining opportunities

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Yet again, I am in the same position. Endo ruining my opportunities. It’s so depressing to have to say no to work that you want to do because you know you are too ill to do it to the best of your ability and you know you won’t be able to see it through. Before endo set in, my hopes were so high of what I could do. Now I find myself constantly disappointed in what my body allows me to do.

I am quite frankly sick of being in this position.

To fellow endo followers;

I’m still trying the sexual health counselling for painful sex and the breathing exercises they gave me to do are helpful. I hate going to the counselling but I’m still going for the meantime as I think it’s important to try and make an effort to try and improve things even if I still have doubts on the outcome.

4 Replies
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Hi I feel the same like my body is letting me down. It’s rubbish isn’t it & some days I feel fab others I can hardly move :(

Wel jel of people who keep well x

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I feel the same. I get depressed with the fact I cannot handle long time work.

But also, trying to do the best I can and think about what I can do for now.

For both my career and treatment. x

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Dancer1992 in reply to AkiBoo

It’s so hard to realise the new normal and I hate planning my life on what I used to be able to do because I think I’ll be okay and then getting disappointed.

Stay strong endo warriors!!! Xxx

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ladies, may i know...

endo pain are during period or anytime of the month?

is it like cramping period pain? or lower abdominal pain?

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