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not sure if it is in the right category

I am probably jumping the gun a bit, but after a few years of pain and fatigue (and ultrasounds and tests) i gave up on answers 6 months ago and thought it would just go away, of course it didn't, I'm a lot worse, some days i can't keep my eyes open or stand up straight, and as for sex, no chance with out howling in pain.

I have a favourite doctor but she is impossible to see, she works 1 day and 1 afternoon a week and you can only book her 48 hours in advanced, 3 weeks of trying and i got one, i saw her this morning, i told her everything (she's knows what has gone on through the years as it was her I've seen) i didn't get the usual "infection" "period pains" "pregnant?" "STI?!?!?!?!"

She said she only works there for the day and a half because she works at the gynaecology ward in the hospital (result!)

She said it sounded like Endometriosis, i must say id never heard of it before, but now I'm scared, the pain is ok at the moment, some days its crippling, i struggle with the fatigue, i assumed it was just because i have two kids and one still gets up at night, i also get a aching pain in the lower left hand side of my back.

i feel like crying, i wanted to know what was causing it, but now they think they do know and its not as simple as i was hoping, I've become quite depressed over it and i just want it all to stop.

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I feel your pain I also have been suffering the last 2 yrs.. Had all sorts of tests from CT scans to colonoscopy... In pretty much constant pain in my left lower side/groin and radiates into me back.. They put me on various pain killers over the last 2yrs from tramafol to codiene then a low dose of amytrypyline.. Just no answers to what's causing the pain.. My periods are all over the place as I'm 50 and probably perimenopausal... I go to bed every night with a hot water bottle... Only people like yourself can empathise with the constant daily struggle we face.. The tiredness and lack of energy is so frustrating as well... I'm taking magnesium and vitamin b6 to see if it helps...

You’ll get your head around it, but give yourself time. You are even stronger than you think you are but be kind to yourself and get some rest if you possibly can.

Everyone’s endo is different so there’s no point worrying about the worst things you read about, although I know it’s hard not to.

Now that you’re on the right track to getting help there are things they can try to help with your pain, and treat the problem. xxx

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