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Pain after transvaginal ultrasound


Hey all! I had my transvaginal ultrasound and external ultrasound three days ago. It was uncomfortable to say the least but it wasn’t like painful really. However, since a few hours after that I’ve been in pain. Not a huge amount of pain, just like a mild/moderate cramping in my lower abdomen and back pain. Like it feels as if a period is coming but I know it isn’t because I came off it two weeks ago. Just wondering what it could be? Last night my stomach hurt so much and I felt like I couldn’t breathe while I was trying to sleep but then it went away.

Anyone else get internal pain after an internal examination?

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I get pain after an internal scan, usually will dissapear overnight but until then it feels like I am about to start my period (as you said). I think the prodding around inside must just irritate something but I would have thought the pain would have stopped for you by this point...sorry that I can’t be much help and I hope the pain goes away soon!

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