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I don’t know

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Here I am again posting about the never ending pelvic pain I’m experiencing. I just don’t know what to do anymore I’m confused. A quick history - was diagnosed in September 17 after about 2 years of gradual pain and bleeding. It got to a point where I decided it wasn’t normal so went to the gp and was eventually diagnosed with endo. Was told in my lap I had one spot of endo on my left ovary and my bowel was attached to my ovary from adhesions which had all been removed. I was pain free for about a month after surgery. I decided to go back to gynae in March this year who ended up discharging me saying there’s no way it can be the endo. I was referred to a pain specialist in September who has diagnosed me with pubic synthesis and has offered me 3 groin injections - 1st one is next Monday. I had the coil fitted at the beginning of September to try and help the pain.

Anyways I’m now in constant pain and can no longer deal with it. I went back to the gp 2 weeks ago who examined me and said it looks inflamed so prescribed antibiotics - didn’t make a difference.

My back and my pelvis is just in bits I’m 21 years old and I feel like I am 50. I really feel like there’s something else which hasn’t been found but I don’t want to go back to gynae to be fobbed off again. I’m hoping and praying that these injections will make some sort of difference as I can’t cope with the pain anymore

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This made me cry reading this! I know how you feel! i had endo on my left ovary my right over my womb and round the back and was told i am a mild case. The pain i experience says otherwise. i was pain free for about a month also after my lap but have been in pain ever since. I knew no one would listen so i have got on with it for 3 years now to be told i will need another lap in the New Year, although my Doctor doesn't think there is really going to be much to remove. i am 25 now but was diagnosed in 2015 when i was 21 when i was diagnosed and had the lap. the pain does get easier to cope with, i promise, but be persistent with the doctors, i demanded a lap to find out was wrong with me and then i was diagnosed, you have a right to demand treatment! Good luck with it, I hope it gets better for you! xx

Thank you!! I feel stupid asking for another lap incase there’s not much to remove I keep thinking could this pain be related to something else?? I don’t know it’s so hard xx

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