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Severe endometriosis with nodules on bladder and ivf


Hi ladies, I’m doing ivf and I’ve been told by my fertility doctor not to take NSAID when taking my stimulation hormone injection. She told me I can take co-codamol or paracetamol. I’ve been taking co-codamol which is not helping at all. My bladder is hurting like hell. Any advice what else I can used to help with the pain.

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Did you try hot water bag ? Which would help to improve blood circulation to uterus and ovary . Don’t try it after transfer

Sezvic in reply to Bee2004

Thanks for the reply Bee2004. Yes, I’ve been using hot water bottle which help a bit. I just want the pain to stop 😞.

Bee2004 in reply to Sezvic

I ve learnt to ignore the pain I know it’s difficult . It’s not good to expose all type of painkillers specially when u r doing IVF .

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