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Endometriosis of the Diaphram

Hi ive been suffering from this awful disease since 2015 . Ive been on Tramadol , Gabipentin , Morphine , Lidocaine plasters ect . I have contsant pain in my right ribs . I cant sit up , wear bra , cuddle any contact. Ive been so suicidal cause of this. Im in chronic pain everyday. I feel so lonely as this condition is so rare. Ive ben on Zoladex since August. But the pain the chest eased off abit due to no more periods, but i still have pains in my Right Ribs . I want to know if there any other treatment i cam ask my doctor . Im finding life really hard as im in constant pain . Can someone help me please im so desperate....

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I am sorry you're feeling this way. You're not alone.

Have you been referred to a pain team that you visit once every 6 months or so? They're the ones that will help in this situation and not your normal doctor.

Also, do you have an endometriosis specialist consultant that sees you? Or is it just your GP?

If you don't have a consultant, I'd make sure your GP immediately refers you to one. You might need surgery to remove the endometriosis which will help a lot with the pain. I've had two operations thus far and am on a combination of other things.

I'm currently on tramadol prolonged release and it's helping me with pain.

Each person will differ. But I also have the more a coil inserted which has helped me a lot of with the pain and the the bleeding has completely stopped for me. I have tried hormone injections, but they personally weren't the best fit for me as I didn't like the side effects I experienced. There's also the pill which has helped our a lot of women with pain and blood control.

I've also read up on the endo diet which some say helps a lot of pain..such as cutting out red meats etc as they can flare up the endometriosis and pain.

Please just know that you're not alone. There are hundreds of women in this forum that are in the same position as you and are here for you. You have our support. So please don't give up!!!

Sending you lots of love, hugs and positive and healing vibes your way. Xx


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