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Late period following Endomitriosis Laparoscopy

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I had my laparoscopy about 6 weeks ago. I got my first period normally but my second period is now almost a week late. No sign if cramps (which I usually start feeling a week before my period starts). My only symptoms are breast tenderness and feeling a bit drained but it's not coming to anything.

I have the copper coil fitted and I asked for it to be kept in when I had my surgery but I'm still a bit paranoid something isn't quite right as my periods are like clockwork these days!

Has anyone had a similar experience that might rule out pregnancy/put my mind at ease?

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Hey, I had the same issue with my second period after lap, I checked with my consultant; he said that as there's so much being done, and poked around sometimes the uterus doesn't like it all so gets a bit stressed and so periods don't happen / delayed or the ovaries are a little stressed so forget to produce an egg. A lot of moving stuff around is done during your lap not to mention if stuff is removed, so it can take a few months for cycles to settle back to normal. If you've ovulated before your lap then chances are your first period will be normal, the second can be different as the body is still healing after that first period.

I had my first lap just before my period and that came as normal, my second period was a week early. I had my second lap around ovulation so my first period then was on time but the second was a week late.

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JudeF1992 in reply to luthien

Thank you so much for sharing! That's made me feel a lot better. The fact my first period came normally threw me off entirely but I think my situation was pretty much exactly the same as yours so it makes sense now.

I figured I'd go grab a test today for peace of mind all the same.

I hope you're doing ok with your endometriosis these days.

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luthien in reply to JudeF1992

i know the feeling!!

I am good thanks :)

hope your period comes soon and it's not too bad xx

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