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A bit worried- lots of blood in loo from bowels


Hi All,

I’ve had 2 Endo laps and emergency Appendectomy just under 2 years ago. I’ve got stage 4 endo and a Mireya with endo round PoD and some issues every now and then with bowel regularity and occasional mild haemorrhoids. Today I’ve had a bowel movement and the water was very very red (even asked hubby if it looked weird) I’ve not had any other symptoms all day except really severe dragging pains like period pains. Obvs thinking it’s endo/bowel complications but wondered if this is alarming anyone?

🙏🏼 thank you for any ideas?

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hey, if you have pretty much blood red in your bowel movements and watery (ie not a pink tinge) it suggests you're bleeding further down towards your rectum / large colon and it's a large amount. If it's causing you looser movements you need to see a doctor - internal bleeding in the bowel is serious as there's risk of infection and tears. If you're in the UK call NHS 111 as they can book you an appointment in the out of hours clinic rather than waiting for your GP or going and sitting in A and E.

Hope this helps xx

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Thank you so much for replying, i went to docs this morning and been referred to urgent colorectal clinic plus blood tests. Fingers crossed!

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hope all goes okay and they find out whats happening x

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