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Endo specialist waiting time?


Hi all, this is my first post but like many I have been reading advise on here for a long time.

I have been back and forth with gp’s for many years and was finally given a diagnosis lap in June. The surgeon very briefly spoke to me while I was in the recovery room (which I hardly remember anything of) was told endometriosis too bad for him to do anything and would be refered to specialist. It mainly affecting my bowel, bladder & pelvis.

I have had no other communication, no proper follow up or letter even.

I chased at my gp a few weeks ago who emailed the surgeon but still nothing. And I don’t have any details of the specialist to know who/where to ask there.

I just would just like to know other people’s experiences with waiting times. I understand these things do take time but to have no communication at all since lap (now 16 weeks ago) is frustrating (and pain becoming unbareable at times) I would just like to know I am in the system somewhere and haven’t been forgotten about!

Any advise would be greatfully received.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Xx

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