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Scars itching for the first time in months?


I had a laparoscopy in March that didnt find anything but my new gynae said to await further tests as symptoms persisted.

Except for a minor bump in the road, my recovery was great and my scars were almost completley gone.

2 days ago, i noticed my belly button scar was raised, like when my stitches first fell out, and the area around it was red and puffy. Now its gotten to the point of unbearable itching and looks very sore (although its just itchy not painful).

Any remedies to stop the itching, its annoying me so much and, although it does distract from my increasing abdomen/hip pain, I cant seem to find any relief from the itching...

Please help? I feel like i may somehow scratch it open in my sleep at this rate...

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I find that Hemp from the bodyshop is excellent for itching x

Thanks, I'll have a look into that now xx

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