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Diagnostic Laparoscopy & diagnosed with Adenomyosis


Hope you ladies are all having a good weekend and not in too much pain.

Anyone else in the same position as me where you have been diagnosed with Adenomyosis and having your GP certain that you also have endometriosis?

What happened when you had surgery, did they take away some of the womb that grows in to the muscle wall? Or did they tell you to come back at a later date for more surgery?

I am hoping to get it all done in one go, hopefully!


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Hi AllthatGlitters,

I have adenomyosis and likely endometriosis. I've refused a lap for likely endo but my gynae explained that during the laparoscopy the endo is first located and diagnosed then either in the same or a following surgery the endo can be burned off/cut out from the organs.

If you were asking about adenomyosis treatment, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for adenomyosis. Because it grows into the womb muscle it cannot be removed without a hysterectomy. Occasionally if there is an focal adenomyoma with no diffuse disease it can be removed and there are experimental treatments which reduce blood flow to the womb. But these are very rarely used and from what I've read are undertaken with high risk that they will fail and you have to consent to hysterectomy in these cases. Endometrial ablation has been used in the past but is known to damage fertility and again is rarely used.


Hi I really hope to get it done in one go and not have to go back, I will ask them at the time to do it should they find anything. Don’t want the stress of a second operation as one is bad enough x

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