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Recurring endometriosis


Hi, so pleased I have found this online community. I’m hoping for some advice. I had laparoscopic surgery to treat Endo back in 2014. I have now began to have symptoms again. I am aware that it does grow back and there is no cure but I just wondered if anyone else has been in my position. Is 4 years too soon for it to come back? Surely the surgery should prevent it for longer then 4 years. Any advice?

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I had a lap in January this year and already feel like it has come back :-( my periods were still as heavy straight after the lap to be honest but the painful symptoms were a lot easier but they have returned already!

Have you been doing anything in the last 4 years or having any other treatment etc?

JSH80 in reply to JL0ck

Hi, no not had any other treatment. After the surgery I was so much better. Periods with minor cramps and not has heavy. So I was really pleased. I couldn’t believe I had suffered so long when a simple op could have made things so much better for me. I will have to go to the docs again and ask them to refer me again. I just wasn’t sure about the rate at which it comes back- I don’t want them to urn me away saying that it’s too soon. I really am suffering at the mo so I would do anything to have this again. How are you doing? How do you manage it?

JL0ck in reply to JSH80

Ah sorry to hear you are suffering :-( it’s awful isn’t it. I very much doubt they would turn you away and would definitely recommend returning to see your GP/Gynaecologist.

Since having my Lap I have tried to manage it naturally through good diet/low hormone diet. Eliminated wheat etc (after doing some research about healing through nutrition) I had a bad few weeks not so long ago though and I am not sure if the Endo had returned anyway or me temporarily returning to a bad diet has kicked the painful symptoms off...I just don’t know.

Currently I am having Prostap injections which stop the production of eastrogen (early menopause) but I am feeling absolutely awful with lots of side effects so I very much doubt I will carry on.

I am currently researching natural/holistic therapies to try and help as I am at a bit of a loss at the moment


I hope you get the help you need when you return to your GP...good luck x

Healthnut25 in reply to JL0ck

I know that eating brussel sprouts and kale reduces production of oestrogen - due to its high levels of aromatase inhibitors. I like to think that there is always something somewhere in nature that can replace a drug with nasty side effects. Cutting out coffee also reduces oestrogen dominance - I've found that particularly effective.

Wow - I think you are doing very well if it has taken 4 years to come back. I know sufferers who barely get 4 months respite from it. I think the average is about a year.

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