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Will I have to have a 3rd diagnostic lap and has anyone else had 2 negatives to then go on to find answers?


I had my first lap at 22, my 2nd was a few months ago at the age of 30 and both have showed nothing.

My last consultant was terrible and did the bare minimum, I had one incision in my belly button and I was told she saw areas of bleeding but I should just go back to my gp.

I did and my gp has now referred me to a specialist because she is concerned about the blood filled cyst which is growing inside my uterus. Worrying thing is I also had a hysteroscopy and the consultant was oblivious.

The good thing is that this new specialist is at the same hospital so will he be able to look at photographs which were taken or will I need another lap?

Any help or experiences greatly appreciated x x x

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Is the specialist you're seeing on the BSGE.org/centre list? If not then they are not an endometriosis specialist. Also an MRI show endometriosis (usually but not always). As it is only the more modern machines that can show it, many gynaes do not know this. Laps done by standard gyanes often don't go into the hard to get at areas which is where the endo has a nasty habit of hiding, so they often miss it. Make sure you get referred for an MRI before going for another lap.

Bobz1987 in reply to NW248

He's a specialist in benign conditions of the endometrium, chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis. I Will ask for an MRI thank you x

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