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Would endo be found on ultrasound?


Hi all,

I had an ultrasound last week and haven’t been able to speak to my consultant since, so I don’t really know what’s happening.

The scan took about five mins and was concentrated on my womb / ovaries. He didn’t see any endo (he didn’t say he had), but did find fibroids. He said that they probably wouldn’t take my case any further now.

So does this mean definitely no endo? I stillfeel like there’s something other than fibroids happening and terrified they’re going to say they won’t do anything else.

Anyone here had the same and then found endo too? Would it have showed up on the ultrasound if it was ther, or is the only way to be sure a lap?

Keep going over it in my head and worrying.

Thanks for reading.

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Dear HighlandRuby,

In many cases, endometriosis will not show up on a scan so a clear ultrasound does not necessarily mean you don't have it. The only definitive way to diagnose endometriosis is by a laparoscopy.

The NICE guidelines do state that doctors should "consider laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis in women with suspected endometriosis, even if the ultrasound was normal." As a patient, you can review the quality standards along with the NICE Guidelines on Endometriosis and raise this with your GP or consultant if you feel they are not being followed.

You can read more about the NICE guidelines on the Endometriosis UK website:


Or directly on their website:


I hope this helps.


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Thanks, that is really helpful. I’m in Scotland so may be a bit more tricky but I’ll

Do some more research.

Hi Ruby I had an ultrasound and it showed up nothing even though i have Adenomyosis, it was later found through an MRI. Even though the gynaecologist and my GP are certain I have Endometriosis due to the pain etc the only way to truly tell is laparoscopy unfortunately x

Thank you- I’m just hoping that it will still be possible to have a laparoscopy- really want to know for sure before I look at treatment options. Thanks for replying x


My endo wasn't diagnosed until yesterday via a diagnostic laparoscopy.

I had two ultrasound and two CT scans and blood tests which all came normal (so I was starting to doubt myself). Most endo cannot be found using scans.

Try not to worry :) xx

Thank you. Should hear from consultant on Monday, at least I’ll know what my options are then. Well done for persisting and getting a diagnosis, that must have been tough xx


I don't understand the difference between normal cysts and chocolate cysts. Well I guess I kinda do... But my question is more can they tell the difference on an ultrasound? I've had numerous cysts, some in weird places. I havent been diagnosed with endo, I am waiting for lap. But if I have endo could these cysts be chocolate cysts but just didn't know?

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