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Mirena coil

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Finally gave in and went and got it fitted today. I’m in so much pain. Is it normal to be in a lot of pain? I feel like I’m having a really bad period but without the bleeding (had a little bit of spotting but it seems to have stopped). Keep getting the feeling that I need to push something out - never had a baby so in my eyes it feels like contractions hahaha!

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I had the same, contractions were bad. My neighbour rang the doorbell a few hours after I got home & I fainted opening the door which was really embarrassing. I took 3 x a day Ibrufen & 4 x a day Paracetamol which eased it. Gp warned it could take a little while to settle.

It’s because they open the cervix to put in the coil which will be worse for you as you haven’t had a baby (they stretch it a bit). Mine was bad as he ended up putting 3 in as the first two he “accidentally” pulled out!! He kept saying there must be a fault with them - wasn’t funny for me though!!

Hot water bottle & pain killers and go to bed. Hope it eases for you. Best wishes.

It’s the worst pain ever, i woke up this morning and it weren’t as bad but as the days gone on it’s got worse again. Now day 2 cuddled up to my hot water bottle. Debating whether to call in sick to work tomorrow x

The pain goes quite quickly, after I had my second one fitted I was fine again by the next afternoon but the pain is horrendous and it makes you feel like something is wrong for sure. I haven’t had children yet either

Hope it gets better for you! Hot water bottle and painkillers in bed for a day x

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The nurse didn’t say how long i would be in pain for but I’ve read it can take a few days maybe even weeks. Thank you xx

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