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Cbd oil

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I think I have finally found something that works for me 😍 I bought cbd oil a couple months back as a last resort because nothing was working. I had it for one day and couldn’t take anymore of it because of the horrible taste. However I bought some empty capsules online about a month ago and have been putting 4 drops of cbd into each capsule. I didn’t realise how much it was working as I still had a bit of pain every day but it’s no where near as bad. I’ve forgot to take it for the past 3 days and oh my god I’m feeling it. I’m in absolute agony feeling like I’m dying in work. I honestly do think it’s worked for me and I’m only just realising now that I’ve forgot to take it.

I can’t wait to get home from work and make more capsules for this week 😊

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Sounds hopeful! What brand and percentage oil are you using? Xx

I’m using cbd brothers the blue edition. Unsure on the percentage I don’t really understand it xx

I’m doing exactly the same, and like yourself I had to change to capsules as I just couldn’t tolerate the vile taste of the oil. I also use cbd brothers. I decided to give it a go after I saw my 80 year old Nannie start walking without her walking stick or mobility scooter for the first time in 15 years after a long battle with rheumatoid. Best I’ve ever seen her look and move (all swelling in her joints has visibly drastically reduced), she’s more mobile than me on a bad day now ha ha. I’m hoping to feel improvements soon xx

Awww bless her, I think it takes a couple of weeks to set in but I definitely have noticed a difference xx

It is fantastic stuff i tried it on trip to

Amsterdam(no not the actual real marijuana) just the cbd oil

And it was fantastic i still buy mine from There and they deliver it...

I wouldnt b without it of all the meds i been given this is by far the best thing and it natural no bad side effects no messing up liver or kidneys and it helps so many things.

I have alot of problems and it seem to work for all of them

Is it safe to drive with CBD oil? I struggle with codiene as I can’t drive on it 😢 so have to put up with the pains if I have to drive anywhere.

Yeah because it doesn’t have thc in which makes you high. I looked into it before I got it as I had the same worry x

How ladies. Any updates on several months use of this stuff? Does it still work for you? Thanks

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