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Undiagnosed pelvic pain ?



Can anyone help me please ? I have suffered with pelvic pain for over 2 years and had 2 laparoscopys, the first one I had with a hysteroscopy and they found my right ovary stuck to the wall of my uterus, the second I had due to cysts and suspected endo but cysts had already burst pre op and nothing found so still no further with a diagnosis I also have pcos. About 4 or 5 months ago I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia on my left side but I am also suffering with pain on my right side as well. I am currently waiting for mri scan results on my pelvis but I have recently been in alot of pain again effecting both sides, I have had nausia with mild vomiting and changes in bowel habits. I have the mirena coil in so don't have periods and was worried my symptoms could be ectopic but I have had a pgt done and it was negative. Yesterday I lost alot of really thick mucus similar to the mucus plug you lose during pregnancy but no sign of any blood in it. I just wandered if anyone else has experienced anything like this ? I am really getting worried. Thanks x

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