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Endo on bowels

Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I have endo on my bowel and I'm on prostap which has been amazing, but I suffer with ibs as well and over the last month or 2 I've had bowel leakage whether ive opened my bowels or not and I've been losing blood from the back passage and feel like something is hanging down. I'm worried but feel embarrassed going the doctors I'm wondering if anyone could help?


Sarah x

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I've got endometriosis on the bowel I've never had any blood from the back passage however I do get the feeling my back passage is going to collapse and there is lots of pressure like I need to go the loo but I don't, tbh I've never found anything that as made this better it did get better after surgery but most of the months I just cope, the feeling you get is it pressure from the inside, have u checked for anything on the outside xxx


It's pressure inside and out and bad shooting pains up my back passage, I'm waiting to have a full hysterectomy cos my bowel, bladder and ovaries are stuck together. I have checked but I can't see nothing xx


If it's all stuck together it is possible that the endo has penetrated the bowel so that could be what's causing the bleeding however you must go to the doctors as this isn't normal and needs treating sooner rather than later.

You will be amazed the doctors do these things everyday please don't be embarrassed they see privates all the time I would just request a female gp..

Are you going to be treated at an endo centre for your problems??

Kind Regards Sharon


I am being treated at the endo centre I go back next month and hopefully get a date to when I go and get it all taken away. If it's not one thing it's another, hopefully there will be an end to this one day! I have just got a cancellation at the doctors for today so hopefully I will get some answers xx


My overies was stuck together and was pushing against my bowel I had an MRI scan to see if my overies was stuck to my bowel but they couldn't really tell so I was told to have a lap but I had to speak with the bowel surgeon as he had to be in thetre incase my bowel was invoked I also was told there was a high change I could end up with a colostomy bag, I was very lucky as the bowel surgeon needed to step in as I had a huge cyst on my bowel, I know the feeling your getting it's awful it's a horrible pressue feeling and no matter what u do it doesn't go away I always know this is a sign I'm coming on xxx hope your okay xxx here if u want to talk


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