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Endo and the bowel! Please help!


Does anyone else have problems with there bowel, im either constipated or have diarrhoea, the problem is i cant actually push out a decent poo (sorry for the detail) i feel like my muscles dont work properly or my bowel doesnt contract, and i cant actually push because it causes pain and i feel like there is no power there! Does anyone else suffer from this? Is it endo related?

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Yes, I have stage 4 endo and struggle with constipation and then none stop pooping! Lots of pain with bowel movement and even painfully when I get wind. I have bought lactolose from chemist to help the times when I can’t go and that has helped. Since joining slimming world and eating more veg less fruit it has been better. Not perfect but less unpredictable 😊 hope you settle soon x

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