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My experience...and help if you can



I was diagnosed with endo when I was 17, I'm now 33. I had various different treatments and was lucky enough to fall pregnant with my son who is now 3. I've learnt to 'cope' with the pain and extreme fatigue throughout the years. One treatment I found really helped for a few years before I conceived my son was the marina coil (which was put in whilst I was under anaesthetic as I found it too painful to have put in awake!). At the start of this year I recently tried to have it put back in but was too painful and the nurse didn't insert it correctly so I have been flying solo without any treatment or support. The past few months I have noticed severe pain in my tummy and lower back especially the week before my period is due, I am constantly tired even after sleeping a full night. I hate the feeling of being tired all the time! I have had a blood test this week and it came back with my ESR as being raised. I have an appointment next week to discuss this with my GP which I am now thinking could be linked with the endo? Any suggestions to help with the constant fatigue feeling? The pain I can just about bare but the tiredness is.....not fun! Anna

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Hi annajane.

Well done for surviving 16 years with this horrid disease. No mean feat! And having a son too. 👍🏼Tiring ordinarily, but to cope with the constant pain and debilitating fatigue takes some energy and plenty of grit and determination.

The fatigue is difficult to shrug off and everyone deals with this and the pain in different ways.

For me, my mistake would be to overdo things on days when I did feel a little more energised (I use the term ‘energised’ loosely!). I would then suffer for it later and end up experiencing the ‘crumple and fold’ manoeuvre...😬. It is the pits and I totally understand how you feel.

I’m not so sure if this link will help at all but perhaps worth a glance. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I do hope your appointment Monday with your GP is helpful!


annajane in reply to Minnskimoo

Thank you so much, reading the article has definitely helped x

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