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Pelvic nerve block?!


Hi ladies- so I basically want to know if anyone has experienced having a pelvic nerve block. I was referred to the pain clinic and they suggested a pelvic nerve block. Now, I’ve been a little worried about it due to the needle aspect and the fact that last year I had a few lumbers punctures that went seriously wrong and has but a bad picture in my head about anything like that. I’m also unsure as to how I feel about it I mean do you loose all feeling in the pelvis?!

If you or you know of anyone that has had relief I would really appreciate it. Whilst I had put it on the back burner when suggested, I’m not at my wits end up and down hospital and suspected the endo has come back like before, with the bowel fused to the ovary. They did suspect a burst cyst but now it’s not. So if it is the endo, Gynae want another lap. And course I wanna try everything else first and have lap as last resort.

Sorry for rambling 😊

Thank you all xxx

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I totally understand your apprehension and reservations. Can I ask (although I am guessing the answer) have they tried various different pain management medication? I only ask as the research i dis prior to mine along with my own consultants view is that nerve blocks should not be used as a first line resolution.

I had ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerve blocks to my left hand side as that's where my pain in the worst and the origin. They were amazing for 2 days. The first day all my left hand side in a strip where those nerves are was numb completely. Then the day after the pain was worse. Then 2 days of bliss with very low pain levels. Then for me it was back to normal.

When I saw my pain consultant he did warn me that altho they are amazing for some people for others they don't work and in his experience they are usually 50/50 chance of working.

Can I ask are you scared of needles?? As it is not a procedure I would recommend if you are. Only because in total just having those done on one side took probably 20 to 30 minutes all the time you have needles or cannula in you.

If you have any questions feel free to message me. Xxxx

hi. Hope you are having a comfortable day.

I hope you have found the pain team helpful, they were brilliant in my experience. We did discuss nerve blocks as I had acute pelvis pain ( turned out to be a full frozen pelvis 🙉) I was a bit unsure so tried amtriptyline which numbs after a few weeks and worked really for me, only a low dose but it got me through till my surgery. Good luck xx

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