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Recovery post lap with excision?


Hi I’m new to this forum and was hoping to pick some brains. I was diagnosed with stage 3 endo after lap a month ago, I was pretty shocked as the lap was primarily to investigate infertility. Anyway there was too much to treat at the time so I’m going back next week for excision of endo and a cyst (2-3 hours she reckons). So I’m wondering if this is going to feel much worse than the diagnostic? I’m assuming it will and frankly I’m terrified! Be great to hear from anyone who’s had both a diagnostic and a lap with excision to hear how the recovery compares...

Thanks heaps

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Morning :) I had a diagnostic lap in March last year and had excision surgery last Thursday with my specialist consultant (long story as to why the two were to so far apart, basically I had no idea that it hadn't been treated until a couple of months ago). I'm still very much recovering, and I'd say I have been in quite a bit more pain this time compared to last time. Gas pains were much less this time, and I have had a great sense of optimism as I know that (at least for now) the endo has been removed and I may be symptom free in the next few weeks/months. My tummy was significantly more distended this time, which has made recovery very uncomfortable as I'm incredibly swollen, but this is going down now and I'm feeling better already. Because they actually did stuff this time as opposed to just looking around, my tummy is covered in horrible bruising and has been super painful to touch (I would attach a photo but don't want to freak you out!). In terms of movement after the lap, it's been quite similar to last time in that it was very difficult and painful to begin with but has been easing and I'm much more able to sit up/move around now after only 4 days. I also had to stay in hospital overnight this time, but I think this was actually a blessing as I was really closely monitored and very well looked after.

All in all I'd say this time has been worse, but that is to be expected as they're doing a lot more and your body goes through greater physical trauma. However it hasn't been anywhere near as horrendous as I thought it would have been, like you I was expecting it to be a million times worse than just diagnostic and although it has been worse, it's still bearable and manageable with strong painkillers. If you can try to make sure you've got good support when you leave hospital, I would have struggled much more if I didn't have somebody in the house to get me water or help me to the loo.

Most importantly, allow yourself time and self care to recover and try to think of the hopefully lovely outcome that the surgery might bring for you. It will be painful and tiring, every operation is, but it will hopefully be a hugely positive step in your life.

M x

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate your honesty and not sugar coating things! I’m staying the night after too, hopefully that will be a good thing as I can have some heavy duty analgesia!

I hope the rest of your recovery goes well and you have a good result from it x

My first laparoscopy where they burnt it I was around 2&half weeks before back to work even though that was a little early.

This time, with excision I had my operation June 14th & went back to work phased last week. Still find it uncomfortable wearing jeans, or I get in pain if I do too much

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