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Still painful to have sex and really getting me down :(


I had my lap 4 months ago and my surgeon said he successfully cut out all the endo from my bladder, bowel, back of the vagina and side of the womb.

My boyfriend and I are trying to conceive and I'm still struggling with pain during sex, I can only do two positions that most of the time doesn't hurt but then one wrong move and I'm in agony again.

Does anyone else suffer badly with this?

Not sure what else I can do to help this and I'm feel so down about it all. I feel like I can't just relax and enjoy sex like a normal person, and I just feel like crying when I think about it :( don't feel like I'm ever gonna be fixed in that department

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Don't worry you are not alone! The last time I had sex was 2 years ago it's always painful and I have never found in pleasurable 😞 it stresses me out because I feel like no guy will accept it and when it comes to sex etc I always end up ending it with guy because I'm too scared to do it!

I had a similar operation at the same time as you.I found it takes some experimentation with positions and duration to not set off cramping and general surgical twinges which can last a day. I think with all endo recovery it can just take a lot longer than you imagined. Definitely see your surgeon with your concerns but try and remain optimistic that eventually things will become easier.

Ahh no :( I feel for you.

My specialist said sometimes it can take a bit longer for some areas to heal as they've been in pain for so long that the nerves get damaged, some times the nerves cant heal and that pain stays - I hope that isn't the case with you - but just being honest.

Could you chat to a fertility clinic? They do listen and will do what they can to check everything is okay physically in there.

Perhaps your partner is well endowed, ie a little large for certain positions, so some experimentation is required. If there's warning signs of the pain starting perhaps see if you can focus on that and use that with a stop word that means changing positions before it gets bad?

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