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Side effects to pill


Quick intro; endo and adhesions on appendix, ovaries, p.o.d, bladder and uterus. After years of just pain management due to ttc, which resulted in a beautiful IVF baby boy, I've decided to try the pill to hopefully avoid periods all together. I'm reluctant to go down this route as when I took the pill years ago it made me quite depressed and eventually led to constant bleeding. Anyway my doctor said that I was on a first generation pill and there is now second generation and even third generation to try. I agreed and started it five days ago and feel really sick all the time, I've actually been sick once, had headaches on and off and been quite moody already. Does anyone know how long I'm likely to feel like this? Is it worth while sticking it out, not sure if I can handle weeks or even months feeling so horrid all the time 🤢 Pill I'm trying is Femodette. Any advice?

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Congratulations on your little one

I used the pill for a month then gave up due to the side effects. I was told they "may" improve if I gave it 3 months but a month was all I could handle.

Have you tried the Mirena coil? It didn't work for me I think because my adhesions between uterus and bowel are do bad my uterus is twisted and stuck in place so every time faeces moved in bowel the coil jabbed in. But for many women it does work.

The other option is eg prostap injections to push you into temporary menopause tho with a history of depression you would need to keep an eye on that.

Good luck :)

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