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Elevated serum IgA meaning?


Hi all,

Laparoscopy in Feb 2017 showed adhesions and ‘probable’ patch of endo on US ligament (lasered off). Symptoms returned and have worsened since, to include ovulation pain, sciatica, bowel and gastrointestinal problems. I have been suffering from other issues such as worsening asthma, skin/hair changes, severe fatigue at times, and GP ran some blood tests which were all normal. She then suggested I see an immunologist and rather than wait a few years on the NHS I paid for a consultation and several further tests.

These were all within normal range and negative for autoimmune conditions except for total serum IgA which was moderately elevated. Immunologist has said this is not of concern in isolation and is probably due to endo. Does anyone know anything about this - would it be down to the chronic inflammation caused by endo?


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