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Pre diagnosis - Appalling nhs treatment from staff? Anyone else?

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Before diagnosis I had horrendous treatment from a&e staff and doctors the whole it’s in your head stuff and saying how there was nothing wrong. I remember been a&e in tears and a nurse telling me to how I shouldn’t be there this was a Gp matter and how I was wasting everyone’s time.

I ended up paying priviate and had a lap and was diagnosed with stage 4 endo. My second lap with the nhs endometriosis specialist centre and the endo team was absolutely fantastic but the before diagnosis as horrendous. Doubt I’ll have gets sorry but it boils my blood?

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I was enraged when it came to a&e staff had such a rude doctor say to me “you have feminine problems, go home and learn to adjust to your life as a woman”, luckily I met a gem of an a&e doctor who informed me someone close to him had endo and he took me seriously and got me the drugs and antiemetics I needed, been too scared to go back to a&e since in fear of meeting the rude doctor x

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I had a few of those! One even tried to argue with medical facts about my bladder when I see one of the few bladder professors down Harley street and this was a trainee a&e doctor!!!

Just horrendous I hate that place I’m so glad I don’t have to go there anymore

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cmbxm in reply to Kate345

Luckily my GP has prescribed me all the meds I’d need in a&e (oramorph, antiemetics etc) and I should only have to go now if I get so severely dehydrated from the vomiting! It shocks me, I enjoy reminding doctors they took an oath to do no harm and they’re harming me x

I've only got stage one/two endo and luckily I've never ended up in A&E with it, so my heart goes out to you. As someone who is planning to become a doctor i'm honestly appalled by the way you've been treated. I wish I could offer more help but the only thing i can suggest is that you make a complaint about the A&E department you were seen in. There should be a relatively simple way to do this on the NHS website. I hope things are going better now xx

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