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Specialist Appointment

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So my GP has referred me to a specialist and my appointment is in September... I'm glad that I'm being seen it feels like things are moving forward but in the mean time I've been put on tranexamic acid (was on mefenamic) and it's not doing me any good... no difference in symptoms or flow.

I'm not really sure what to expect from my appointment in September and I guess I'm a bit frustrated at trialling these tablets that don't seem to make any difference. It's really starting to effect my day-to-day personal and work life, and I feel bad on my partner as sometimes I can be very short with him. We are long distance as it is...

Does anyone else on here have any experience with any of this?

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I have a specialist appointment in October but my GP is trying to get the hospital to bring it forward due to the increasing pain and worsening other symptoms and because I have a cyst on my ovary rupture last week. ☹️

Have they prescribed anything else for you to take? For example, a hormonal treatment? I take Provera tablets alongside the Tranexamic Acid which reduces the bleeding (both are meant to stop it altogether but I continuously bleed so much that it just reduces it). If you’re suffering from pain symptoms, your GP can also help with that while you’re waiting for your specialist appointment. X

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I hope you're not in too much pain :(

I have the implant in as well so I guess the both should be working together but I haven't noticed any difference at all :/ I might make another appointment to ask about pain relief as paracetamol does nothing!!!

I hope you can get your appointment moved forward x

When I was prescribed Tranexamic Acid I was already on Mefenamic Acid and was advised to carry on taking it. Maybe check this? Apparently they both work well together.

I saw GP early January, saw Gynae in March and she referred me to a specialist which I was seen in June and I had a laparoscopy today. It felt like the longest wait ever between the gynae appointment and the specialist.

I find hot water bottles help. Not ideal in this heat but it helps me. I put one on my back, one on my front and one on each thigh/hip.

You need to speak to your partner and tell him how you’re feeling and what is going on inside of you to the best if your knowledge. Help him to understand and let him know how he can support you. Reassure him and make it clear that you love him and you don’t mean to be like that. It’s really difficult but you need to help him so he can help you.

Hope you’re ok. Take it easy and I am always here for a chat if you need one.

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Thanks for replying!

GP told me to stop mefenamic once he put me on tranexamic. So just taking that one for now. I haven't been to see Gynae at all, wondering if maybe that might happen during my specialist appointment.

I love hot water bottles but i've been having such bad hot flushes lately they just make me more uncomfortable :(!

My partner is very understanding and patient with me, I guess its just me feeling frustrated about everything and feeling bad that he has to deal with it all. We are long distance and see each other 2 weekends a month at a push, so it can be quite hard sometimes...

I hope you're recovering well from your lap, take care xxx

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