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Uretheral Endometrosis


Anybody every had uretheral endo? I think I have this... and i am suffering from endless painful symptoms on my left kidney and I just found out the pain is x500 when i am on my period or abt to be on my period yet no doctor believes me or making any effort to investigate me. The past 2 days i have been to A and E 2wice. All blood test and urine come out perfect. They refuse to do a scan because my CT says eveeything is good except I have extra renal pelvis. This is a second imagery test. While the first IVU say i have hydronephrosis and a mild obstruction. My face is terribly swollen. My feet hurts so badly. My stomach and back re on fire... I cant finish urinating because it comes out in bits and the GP just refered me back to a Urologist. Pls I am in london and i need help to get and endometriosis specialist. Pls if you know any who can help me ASAP kindly help me. I am dying....

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Hello Enyboo. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering with your symptoms at the moment. If people are looking for an endometriosis specialist, we suggest they have a look at the BSGE website, this has a list of accredited endometriosis centres. bsge.org.uk/centre/

I hope you are able to get some help soon

Lynne - Endometriosis UK

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