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Dancing, pain and vulvodynia flare


We went to a party Saturday night and for a change I was feeling great so I didn’t get off the dance floor for about 2 hours, however I’m really suffering now!

Whilst I would expect to ache as I don’t do much exercise I’ve got a much deeper painful lower back pain, bladder spasms, pressure to vaginal area, vulvodynia symptoms, pain passing Urine (am on prophylactic antibiotics) and my stomach is tight as a drum and bloated.

Feels like everything below my belly button internally is inflamed 😬

Am hoping it settles soon, have tried salt bath, lots fluids (but urethra inflamed so getting retention), hemp cream, cbd oil etc (can’t take Ibuprofen) any ideas to get on top of this?

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Hi it sounds like it could be your pelvic floor muscles contribiting to the pain you could try doing yoga deep breathing in your tummy it might help a bit to relax your muscles , and just rest as much as you can.

I hope you feel better soon

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